Did you know Schneck is the only medical center in our service area of Jackson, Jennings, Scott, and Washington counties that delivers babies? And, Schneck delivers 750-800 babies annually, so providing the best in obstetric care is essential for our communities. Fundraising for this effort provides the opportunity to purchase the following items:

  • Four stationary cardiac monitors to track infant heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation for continuous monitoring of newborns needing extra care.

  • Three air/oxygen blenders to precisely measure gases and provide a II NICU baby with the exact concentration of oxygen to maintain continuously safe levels.

  • Three bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices to deliver a set amount of pressure and oxygen to a baby’s nose to keep the lungs open and push oxygen through the tissues into the bloodstream. Bubble CPAP supports breathing and is used to help prevent the baby from being placed on a ventilator.

  • One infant feeding pump to support a newborn when it cannot take feedings through breast or bottle. The pump provides the correct amount of nourishment through a tube in the nose or mouth to help give the baby the nutrients needed to grow.

Any additional Born in a Small Town funds raised will be utilized to purchase electronic fetal monitors which are placed on mom during labor to evaluate the baby’s heart rate, and a ventilator for newborns that will breathe for a baby while development continues and the baby is strong enough to live on its own.